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Custom craftsmanship.

There is something extraordinary about custom wood furniture and cabinets that adds an element of warmth to a home that mass produced cabinets just can’t measure up to.  Jesus Flores has had the pleasure of seeing a customer’s eyes light-up with delight when their custom project has been completed.  This type of reaction can only be achieved by producing cabinetry with attention to fine details and an excellent work ethic.

Jesus Flores is your cabinet maker, your point of contact, and your customer service.  He does not have a staff of hundreds duplicating  “pre-set” designs; he always sketches everything on paper, and then transfers that information to a 3D software program to help you visualize your project.

Everyone who does business with Jesus will meet him in person; he will give you an estimate himself, and install the project himself.  In addition, he will make sure to be available to you throughout the job.  He welcomes you to come by and visit the shop any time to see the progress on your cabinets.

These types of business practices are what make Just for Your Home so unique; it’s the way our parents and grandparents did business.  Jesus believes his work ethic and creations are a reflection of himself as a woodworker and professional and would be honored to create a masterpiece for your home

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  • Crafted with love

    Jesus began to tinker with wood at the very tender age of 6 years old, where he would carve small toys out of pieces of wood found in his home country of Mexico.  He continued his passion for wood into his teens and young adult life; however, Jesus had larger dreams that placed woodworking on the back burner.  He had dreams to come to the United States, become a US citizen, and contribute to our society.

    These dreams would come at a price, taking any job that could help feed his family; he struggled for years in search for the opportunity to come back to his woodworking dreams.  By the grace of God, he was given that opportunity in 2000, when a compassionate man took him under his wing and allowed him to learn the trade.  His passion for the trade allowed him to excel and soak up the finest details like a sponge. As a result, he made a vow to save every dime possible to create his own business.

    In 2004, he was given the opportunity to join a colleague in a cabinetry partnership.  With this partnership, Jesus gained an immense amount of knowledge on business practices and ethics.  In 2007, he separated from his partnership and finally realized his dreams and opened the doors to Just for Your Home.  Jesus considers it a great honor to help you build your dream cabinets and shows it in all of his work.

    Jesus considers family his first passion and shares every free moment with his wife of 11 years and his two children.  He is active in his children’s education and shares his love of soccer with them.


The Mitchell Family

We are pleased to recommend Mr. Jesus Flores and his business, Just for Your Home. I was first introduced to Mr. Flores in 2007, when I sought a skilled custom cabinet maker for our newly-built custom home. We knew we had only one opportunity to create the kitchen and cabinetry of our dreams; therefore, we interviewed several cabinet makers from across Southern California.

We were most impressed with Mr. Flores’ true sincerity and desire to help us create a unique and opulent kitchen. He spent countless hours drafting our ideas, making impressive suggestions, and helping us visualize the project with 3D software. In addition, any last minute changes we contrived or indecisiveness we exhibited, he countered with extreme patience.

When it came time to manufacture and install our cabinets, Mr. Flores showed extreme care and attention to detail. His skill and diligence created an incomparable masterpiece in our home that has yielded praise and admiration from all our guests. Of the twenty-five contractors/vendors we dealt with during our home build, Mr. Flores exhibited the strongest work ethic and the most pleasant disposition.

From the very first day we met Mr. Flores, he made it very clear that he realized his work is a reflection of himself as a woodworker and professional; it’s this professionalism that has made us repeat customers time and again. We hold Mr. Flores’ work with high esteem and admiration and are confident his future customers will agree.

The Mitchell Family